Can we come to Thanksgiving dinner?

Our favorite holiday of the year approaches – an entire day all about food and giving thanks couldn’t be more of what we’re about in the ONEHOPE Family. We’d love to join you this year, so here are our best wine tips to pair with any Thanksgiving meal. And the fact that our wines give half of profits to make a social impact, you will be giving more than just thanks to your friends and family.

If your plate at Thanksgiving typically has a little of everything all piled together, try changing it up this year and adding a bit of sophistication to the meal. Turn your traditional side dishes into the first course, like pancetta roasted brussels sprouts, sautéed kale with walnuts and roasted carrots. Our Chardonnay is aged in stainless steel barrels with just a short time in American Oak. The little bit of oaky flavor adds a robustness for the hearty fall flavors, but remains crisp with its touch of citrus, perfect for vegetables.

Then move on to the main course which could simply be turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce. Sommelier’s unanimously agree that Pinot Noir is the perfect companion to turkey.

And for dessert, if Port isn’t your path, pair Chardonnay with apple pie, Pinot Noir with pumpkin pie or Zinfandel with anything chocolate.

But by all means, pile it all on to the plate and let Pinot Noir be the wine to transcend all the epicurean offerings!

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