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It’s not easy being a woman in most parts of the world. Women in developed countries like the United States often have their hands full with working full-time, caring for children and managing their households. But if you’re a woman living in one of the world’s poorest regions, the daily tasks required for survival may be next to impossible – especially if you have a neglected tropical disease.

Neglected tropical diseases are a group of diseases caused by bacteria and parasites that live and breed inside more than one billion people around the world. These diseases consume key nutrients in the body, destroy internal organs and cause physical deformities, and they make those who are infected too weak and sick to work, go to school or care for their families.

But that’s not all. Women with certain neglected tropical diseases face even greater obstacles. They are in danger of complications during pregnancy and childbirth and are more susceptible to diseases like HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis.

END7s mission is to make these diseases go away for good, and we know how to do it. A small packet of pills – most of which are donated by pharmaceutical companies – can treat seven neglected tropical diseases at once, protecting women and their families from the health and economic repercussions of these diseases.

We know it’s incredible and may be hard to believe, but it’s actually possible to beat these diseases by the end of the decade. Millions of those at risk for infection with neglected tropical diseases have received treatment in the past five years alone, and with your help, END7 can continue to get treatment into the hands of those who need it so that we can see the end of these diseases by 2020.

How your purchase helps:

ONEHOPE is proud to offer the “Shop & Give” drop-down on every product offered in the ONEHOPE Wine store.  10% from every product purchased at ONEHOPEWine.com is donated to a charity of your choice from the drop-down.  Every Charity Tuesday we will introduce and feature a new non-profit in the Shop & Give drop-down, allowing us to give hope to a greater number of important causes beyond those we support all year.

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