New partner cause – goods for good!

Yesterday we released a new wine, and our best Chardonnay yet, the Santa Rita Hills Reserve Chardonnay.  As with every wine, half of profits make a social impact. This wine will go goods for good‘s #2000Uniforms campaign. goods for good believes that the opportunity to achieve is every child’s right. Research shows that a year of school can increase a child’s future earnings by 10% and a school uniform can increase school attendance up to 62%. In Malawi, uniforms are required for students to attend school, but their $3 cost often prevents orphans from being able to afford them. The bundle of goods is a passport to an education that includes uniforms, pens and shoes to keep orphans and vulnerable children in school. These goods also ease the financial burden on families that take in orphans, helping keep children in their communities and out of institutions.

Rather than simply give away uniforms, goods for good provides surplus fabric to community centers for vocational tailoring programs. These training programs teach adults marketable skills and give them the chance to form a community enterprise, a jointly-owned tailoring co-op, and earn an income.  As a graduation requirement, our tailoring students sew uniforms with excess fabric.  Children at their community centers receive the uniforms at the beginning of the school year so they can enroll in their courses.

Every bottle is a uniform and for every sip  the cycle of poverty is broken. With your help, we can give 2,000 deserving children uniforms and employ the making of those uniforms as well. Have a glass, share the story, tweet #2000Uniforms and let’s make a difference! Cheers!

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