Red Wine Weather

You can’t say you haven’t thought about it before – red wine weather that is. Some of you may have cracked open the room temp, earthy, jammy wine weeks ago, but for us in California, Indian Summer has been dragging on and on and only finally have the clouds made an appearance. Never do we complain about sunshine, unless it keeps us away from bold, tannic, spicy wine for too long.

No glass of [red] wine is ever complete without food so here’s a quick pair tip for each varietal of red:



Other perks of the season — sweatah weathah! Cozy up to a thick soft sweater. Bring out the boots you haven’t seen for months. And look up at the trees or leaves on the ground – colors like these can’t ever be duplicated.

So if you’re indoors a little more than you’d like over the next several months, you can at least appreciate all of these things. And keep in touch with us online!


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