Team Rubicon :: Impact Tuesday

There are 2.5 million veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, and many of them are taking off their uniforms to discover a rough transition to civilian life.  Veterans are suffering from unprecedented rates of traumatic brain injury, post traumatic stress, and unemployment; however, lost in the negative news is the fact that veterans could be our nation’s greatest untapped resource.  They are dedicated, motivated and capable of accomplishing extraordinary things in communities around the country.

Team Rubicon recognizes the tremendous value veterans offer, and has developed a unique and innovative way to implement them to help save lives.  Founded in 2010, Team Rubicon deploys platoons of military veterans around the world and here at home to respond to natural disasters–whether in Haiti after the earthquake or Joplin, Missouri after the tornado–Team Rubicon stands ready.

Veterans who participate with Team Rubicon find many of the things they lost after the military, primarily the sense of mission, community and self that military service provided.  By providing veterans with the opportunity to put the skills they learned for war towards a greater cause–helping those in need–Team Rubicon is playing a critical role in veteran reintegration.

How you can help:

ONEHOPE is proud to offer the “Shop & Give” drop-down on every product offered in the ONEHOPE Wine store.  10% from every product purchased at is donated to a charity of your choice from the drop-down.  Every Charity Tuesday we will introduce and feature a new non-profit in the Shop & Give drop-down, allowing us to give hope to a greater number of important causes beyond those we support all year. Select the cause you want to support! 

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