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10 Ideas for Wine-Themed Weddings


Whether you’re tying the knot at a vineyard or just thinking about planning a wine-themed wedding, check out this list of 10 sure-fire ideas to help carry out your vision.

Photography credit: Braedon Flynn


1) Wine Bottle Save the Date

Looking for a creative way to introduce your theme? Those planning a small and intimate gathering might want to send guests a bottle of their favorite wine, complete with a custom save-the-date label. There also are lots of fun wine-themed save-the-date cards and magnets, too.

2) Plan a Wine Tasting during Cocktail Hour

Why not host a wine tasting for guests, where they can sample some of your favorite reds, whites, or any combination you choose. Inviting guests who are underage or don’t drink? Be sure to offer options for snacking and mingling during the tasting and consider hosting a similar non-alcoholic tasting featuring sparkling cider. 

3) Wine Bottle Guestbook

Put your own spin on the classic guest book by having guests sign a few bottles of your favorite wine. Head to your local craft store for silver pens especially designed for writing on glass, and then let your guests have at it. Afterward, store the bottles to drink on a special occasion like your first anniversary or Valentine’s Day. You can even have guests sign corks and place them in a cork holder in your home.

4) Escort Cards

Help guests find their tables with escort cards made out of wine corks. These versatile holders can also serve as actual place cards at each person’s seat, or be used for other labeling purposes, such as naming the items on a dessert or buffet table.

5) Wine-Themed Table Decor

From wine bottle candleholders to vases filled with corks, they sky's the limit when it comes to wine-themed décor. Some bottles also can be outfitted with custom labels that display table names or numbers. Not planning a seated dinner? Fill empty wine bottles with flowers to create simple, yet chic, centerpieces. Used wine bottles also make great candleholders. Simply cut off the bottom from any wine bottle and use it to hold tea light or votive candles. Just soak the bottle in sudsy water to remove the label, scrub off any remaining residue, cut the bottle to the desired height using a bottle cutter, and sand the edge.

6) Personalized Wine Glasses

Personalized wine glasses are perfect for a wine-themed wedding. You can customize each glass with your names, wedding date, a special message, designs, and more. And when it's all said and done, what better way for your guests to take home a reminder of the big day?

7) Favors

Serve guests mini-wine bottles paired with complementary finger food appetizers, like merlot and savory sliders. It's easy to find perfectly sized bottles in varietals ranging from Chardonnay to Zinfandel. Not into pairings? Mini-bottles also make great favors for guests.

8) Cork Boutonnieres for Groomsmen

Transform corks into a fashion piece for your wedding day with a keepsake boutonniere. You can either pin a flower to the wine cork or just use the cork solo as a plain and elegant boutonniere. Be sure to attach magnets to the back of the wine cork to ensure that it stays in place.

9) Bridesmaid Gifts

Asking someone to serve as a bridesmaid? What better way to do it than with a wine label that includes your bridesmaid’s name, details of your wedding, and a personalized message that hints at the future shared enjoyment of the wine. You can even pick your wine or champagne bottle size and then add your favorite varietal.

10) Wine-Themed Desserts

From a grape-adorned cake to wine-flavored cupcakes, desserts are the ideal way to carry your vision all the way through to the end of your wedding. Wine-inspired designs are popular choices for everything from cake pops to gourmet cookies, so take a look on Pinterest, and then work with your baker to come up with the perfect plan.

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