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10 Foods Your New Year's Party Must Have


Ring in 2018 with style and ease by producing appetizers that are impressive to see, delicious to taste, and most importantly, simple to make. Here’s a roundup of our top ten treats you simply must have at your New Year’s Eve party!

sriracha popcornPhoto credit: http://portandfin.com/sriracha-lime-popcorn/

  1. Slow Cooker Meatballs

    Everyone loves a meatball appetizer. They’re finger food without the mess, and they’re downright savory! We love these raspberry and balsamic meatballs not only for their rich flavor but also because you cook them in a slow cooker. With less than 10 minutes of effort required from you, these are easy, hassle free yum that you need in your life! Want to try a new twist on the classic? Check out these buffalo chicken meatballs, also slow cooker friendly!

  2. Goat Cheese Show Stoppers

    OK, these make the list because of their visual appeal, clearly. But they’re also delicious. Pairing a rich goat cheese with a tangy sweet blackberry, and balancing it all out with a buttery, salty cracker? It’s genius. The glitter star pick (that holds it all together) makes this treat stunning visually, too.

  3. Pretzel Perfect

    Homemade pretzel bites filled with ham and melted cheese are like the grown-up version of “Combos” snacks. These are warm, salty, rich, and simple to carry around the party.

  4. Sip-n-Straws

    We love these cheese straws! You bake them, then leave them in a tall glass on your food table. They’re crunchy, savory, and the perfect complement to a Chardonnay.

  5. Potato Fingers

    It’s like a giant French fry, only better. In this recipe, you’ll start by making potato wedges out of oversized Russet potatoes. Then you’ll use olive oil, garlic, cheese, and savory spices to create these oversized fingers that look festive and taste great!

  6. Orange You Pretty?

    Plenty of savory favorites on our list- so here’s one for your sweet tooth! Start by peeling some oranges. While fill size navel oranges work fine, we found smaller mandarins to be perfect for this bite-sized Melt some dark chocolate on the stove (use a double boiler) and then dip about 50% of the orange wedge into the chocolate. Sprinkle coarse sea salt on the chocolate while it’s still hot. Allow the treat to cool on wax paper. The end result is sweet, pretty, and totally gourmet!

  7. What’s Poppin?

    This Siracha- Cheddar popcorn is what’s poppin’ around the snack table this year. Its surprising pop of spice is balanced nicely by the cheddar, creating a dish that your guests won’t be able to keep their hands out of!

  8. Cookie Bars

    We love these simple to bake chocolate and caramel cookie bars. They’re easy to carry around and satisfy that sweet tooth. Dark chocolate pairs well with the sparkling wine that you’re serving (but avoid the sweeter milk chocolate, as it will compete with the sparkling wine!) making this a no-brainer!

  9. Taco-Time

    You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t love tacos. Go ahead, try. That’s why some sort of taco appetizer had to make our list. These bite-sized babies feature avocado cream and baked shells. Better make a double batch though- these will go fast!

  10. Baked Triangles

    Chocolate covered bananas meet a classic pastry turn over in this sweet treat. It’s warm, crispy, sweet, melty, and every other adjective you can imagine, all rolled into one perfectly presented package. These are easy to hold while you “walk and talk” and will become a memorable part of your party!

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