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10-Year Anniversary Cause Partner Spotlight: END7


Next up in our 10-Year Anniversary Cause Spotlight series is END7! END7's mission is to end 7 diseases and the suffering of over half a billion children in the developing world by 2020. The organization is definitely taking action towards this goal, focusing on NTD's, or Neglected Tropical Diseases. Nearly 1 in 6 people have these diseases, and treatment for these diseases is highly cost-effective. In fact, just 50 cents can treat and protect a person against all seven of the most common NTD's for up to one year!

To provide some perspective, END7 mentions from their website, "treating NTDs is necessary to ensure that efforts to aid nutrition, education, health and economic productivity are successful. Controlling and eliminating NTDs is critical to ending extreme poverty." The organization runs primarily on donations (100% of which go directly to treatment programs), so you can donate directly here or shop our products that help this cause here.

Success stories can be found in from Honduras to Vietnam to Peru and dozens of other developing countries. To learn more about END7, you can head to their YouTube channel.


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