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10-Year Anniversary Cause Partner Spotlight: Gateway for Cancer Research


Whether you've had cancer, know someone who has, or are just familiar with the term, you know it's a widespread problem that needs to be addressed. To put it in perspective, 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. This is why we partner with Gateway for Cancer Research to help fund clinical trails for breast cancer research.

Gateway for Cancer Research's mission is to fund meaningful and breakthrough clinical trials worldwide that help people living with cancer to feel better, live longer and conquer cancer. Their vision is to shape a world in which a cancer diagnosis is no longer feared.
At Gateway, Patients have a voice. Gateway engages patient representatives of every level of the organization, up to and including our Board of Directors. Patient voice helps develop Gateway investment priorities, and as part of Gateway grant agreements, investigators are asked to reach this same high standard of engagement with patients. Another factor that makes Gateway unique is Gateway's quality of life and burden of treatment focus- their goal is to heal the patient even as they conquer the disease. For individual patients, as well as the future of cancer treatment, clinical trials represent the best probability of ending cancer without reducing quality of life to an unacceptable degree.
99 cents of every dollar Gateway receives goes directly to fund Phase I and Phase II clinical trials. The research Gateway funds cannot be overstated. Phase I and Phase II clinical trials are underfunded, yet have the greatest patient impact in conquering cancer. Thanks to generous underwriting, 99 cents of every dollar received funds cancer clinical trials. Gateway believes that if you donate to cancer research, your donation should go to cancer research. Here are some of our products that help support the research that Gateway is doing:
Breast Cancer Clinical Trials: ONEHOPE Chardonnay
• 1 out of 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer

• Since 1991 Gateway has awarded over $9.16 million dollars for breast cancer research

• Gateway has supported 20 years of breast cancer clinical research that has resulted in 21 published papers involving 120 researchers and 20 hospitals and cancer centers, which, in turn, have resulted in a cumulative total of 1,600 scientific citations

• 550 cumulative number of patients supported to date in Gateway-funded breast cancer clinical studies/research

• Gateway is proud to be one of the leading funding sources for immunotherapy in breast cancer. Gateway sponsored seven grants that evaluated vaccine therapy in breast cancer patients and demonstrated how vaccines can be combined with chemotherapy, radiation, hormones and antibody therapies to achieve a greater clinical effect. A Gateway funded trial was the first to use the combination of Trastuzumab (now sold under the brand name Herceptin, among others) and HER2/neu-Specific vaccination in patients with metastatic breast cancer. Gateway will continue to be a funding leader in cutting-edge science that impacts breast cancer patients.

• Results from a Gateway-funded trial suggest that Trametes versicolor mushroom is a safe immunotherapy for breast cancer patients and may correct radiotherapy related immune defects after standard chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Research continues to indicate that Trametes versicolor represents a novel immune therapy with significant applications in cancer treatment. 
Here is a link to a patient success story, Michelle Ashby.

We are honored to be able to support organizations like this who are paving the way for research that will change the lives of future generations. This is why we do what we do. You can shop all of our products that give back to this cause here.


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