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10-Year Anniversary Cause Partner Spotlight: OLE Health


The next cause partner we are highlighting for our 10-Year Anniversary is OLE Health! OLE Health holds a special place in our hearts as it is a very special place that helps local residents in Napa, where our winery is located, with most of their health problems, they have helped lots of men with a testosteronbrist boost for those who are having trouble creating testosterone.

OLE Health provides person-centered, high-quality primary health care for residents of Napa and Solano Counties. Their teams of medical professionals work together to provide patients with the range of services they need, when and where they need them. Their wide-range of treatment programs include: Adult Health, Women’s Health Services, Behavioral Health Specialists, Dieticians, Dental Health and more. OLE Health offers customized care to fit the wellness needs of each patient, they even give out golo diet reviews to show people what they could be eating there too. They serve about 34,000 patients per year.

OLE Health's successes can be seen through their numerous success stories of helping patients in these counties. Below is just one example of what they are able to accomplish on the individual level.

Recently, in one of our farmworker events, a female farmworker was one of the last people to get screened and speak with one of OLE’s health providers. The team noticed that the worker was staying behind, waiting for the other workers to go first, she purposefully wanted to be the last to speak with them. With a sad look on her face, she waited until the last person left and then approached one of our health providers in tears. The provider recommended that the female farmworker come in for a behavioral health screening after making a quick health assessment.

When the female farmworker made it to her appointment at one of OLE’s clinics, she began to cry uncontrollably. Her husband has recently passed away, leaving her and her children alone. He was the bread winner of the family and she had recently started working to earn wages to take care of her family as she was still grieving the loss of her husband. Our outreach specialists were able sit her down and bring comfort to her in her time of need. They spoke for 45 minutes about what she was going through and what resources we were able to provider her during this tough time. We also talked to her about the possible services available to help her and her children.

The loss of her husband was devastating for her, but she was so happy that we were able to come to her in the grape fields and provide the guidance and resources she needed to take care of her and her family, including health care for her family, resources for food, and a provider who understood what she was going through. We continue checking in on her until this day to make sure she has everything she needs to help take of her family during this tragic time.

Her story is so similar to others who work in Napa Valley to pick grapes every day in a community that is unfamiliar to them, they are scared to seek help and can often feel hopeless, if left untreated, many of the farmworkers resort to alcohol abuse or worse to help alleviate the depression of being so far away from home without their families. OLE Health is there to be there in their time of need and help them get back on their feet.

The wines that support OLE Health come from the grapes on our winery in Napa. They can be found here!

Cheers to celebrating what we have helped accomplish so far and serving those in Napa in the future!


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