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10-Year Anniversary Cause Partner Spotlight: Trees4Trees


Our next cause partner spotlight for our 10-Year Anniversary is Trees4Trees! Trees4Trees™ is a non-profit foundation that works to empower local communities through reforestation and education. Trees4Trees™ distributes tree seedlings of high value species: teak, mahogany, albizia and more to local farmers.

Trees4Trees was established in 2008 and has helped over 13,000 farming families get started in community forestry and has planted over 1.3 million trees. Every tree planting location is recorded by GPS so that the trees can be tracked via Google maps at www.trees4trees.org.

The trees planted by Trees4Trees are not just a handful of seeds given out to local communities. They are high quality selected seedlings raised in Trees4Trees sponsored nurseries. The farmers that receive the tree are provided with technical training on good forestry practices and education on the economic benefits of a healthy environment. All trees that are distributed by Trees4Trees are monitored four times over three years to ensure that the young trees are healthy and growing and to reinforce the training given to the farmers.

Trees4Trees’ work in 2016

2016 was a busy year at Trees4Trees. The following are some of their activities during the year:

1. Planted 100,000 trees in community forests, mostly Teak and Albizia. These trees will capture an estimated 64,460 tons of CO2 during their lifetimes. This is the equivalent CO2 emitted by driving the average family car around the world over 2,800 times.

2. Partnered with Cargill corporation to plant 1000 mahogany trees along local roadsides and another 1000 trees donated to villagers to start their community forest in Central Java Indonesia as a part of their commitment to the environment and local communities where they work.

3. Started second 4.5 year phase of a long term research program together with ACIAR (Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research) and 4 universities in Indonesia. This study seeks to find ways to improve the wellbeing of subsistence farmers in Indonesia and the benefits to the environment by the planting of trees.

4. Planted 2,155 trees on behalf of ONEHOPE, which will eventually capture around 1.4 million pounds of CO2 from the atmosphere.

5. Started 2 new seedling nurseries to produce 130,000 Teak and Albizia seedlings per year.

And that's just in 2016! We can't wait to continue our partnership with Trees4Trees and see what they have in store for next year!


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