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10-Year Anniversary Cause Spotlight: The Hope Heart Institute


Every 33 seconds an American dies from heart disease or stroke, making it the #1 killer in America. Heart disease and stroke take more lives than the next four causes of death combined and cost the US $316 billion a year in healthcare services and medications. But heart disease is not a number- it is our parents, husbands, wives and children. People who need someone to fight for them and educate them on the ways to reduce the risk of heart disease. With such a prominence in today's society, we decided to partner with The Hope Heart Institute to help make a difference in education on heart heath.

The Hope Heart Institute delivers research, education and hope to those in the Northwest who are at risk or have been impacted by cardiovascular disease, the #1 cause of death in America. With a focus on risk-reduction and prevention through nutrition, exercise and wellness education, The Hope makes heart disease more beatable, treatable and preventable.

Founded by renowned cardiovascular surgeon, Dr. Lester Sauvage, The Hope Heart Institute has a 55-year history of revolutionary medical advances and continues to fund research and scientists in the Northwest who are looking at the cause and cure of cardiovascular disease and ways to reduce risk and improve the quality of life of those affected by heart disease.

The Hope Heart Institute has changed the lives of many. One such story is through the Teen Take Heart Program, which can be viewed on their Youtube channel here. Other success stories can be found here.

You can shop all our products that give back to The Hope Heart Institute here.

Let's join in on the cause for education on heart health!


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