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6 Awesome Ways to Decorate Wine Glasses in 2017


Personalization is always appreciated when planning an event, and differentiating beverages glasses is a great place to start. Wine charms are a quick and simple way to do this, and just about anything can be used to create a charm. From bits of paper to colored tape flags and stick on butterflies, wine charms are simple. One problem though- wine charms are so overdone!

When it comes to telling wine glasses apart at your next party or event, why not take a unique look at ways to decorate your wine glasses that set you apart as a hostess extraordinaire? Here are a few of our favorite (very simple) ways to decorate your wine glasses.

diy wine glass charms

Photo credit: http://www.brit.co/bachelorette-party-diy-drinking-glasses/

Chalk It Up

The chalkboard craze is everywhere. From blackboards to announce events to stickers for plastic cups, it’s likely a fad you’ve already seen. Take it from solo cups to wine glasses by buying new glassware, and then dipping the lower portion of the stem and base of the glass into blackboard paint. Allow drying, and then place colored calk on the bar so that guests can write their name on the stemware, creating a colorful, creative keepsake that is unique to each guest.

Glitters like Gold

This one is especially great for champagne flutes! Choose some glitter paint from your local craft store and then use a sponge brush to dab onto the bottom half of the flute. Layer from a light glisten to full coverage depending on your taste. Choosing several colors of glitter paint helps guests tell their drinks apart, or if your guest list is small, purchase some basic cutout letter stickers to use as a stencil. Just place the sticker on the glass, and continue on with glitter paint. Once dry, remove the sticker to leave the outline of the first initial of each party guest.

Country Chic

Hosting a country bash, or something a little less formal? Head to your local Goodwill and stock up on glass (or crystal) candleholders and Mason jars. The just use waterproof glue to secure the stem to the jar. Create a similar look with a different feel by gluing porcelain teacups to a candlestick (or a scored wineglass stem for a more delicate look) to create an “Alice in Wonderland” feel to your party.

Put a Cork on It

Recycle old wine corks to turn them into a unique DIY wine charm. You’ll take a used cork, and slice it into small pieces. From there, simply use letter stamps and ink to stamp initials onto the cork slices. A bit of hot glue and a ribbon help create an easy way to attach the charms to the stems of the glass. If you’d like a closer look, check out this tutorial on creative things to do with your old wine corks.

Spring Fling

Create beautiful (and useful) wine glass coasters that give your party a spring feel by using felt to sew creative base covers for each wine glass. Sound a bit over your level of crafty? You can buy similar coasters on Etsy, or follow this simple tutorial.

All about the Base

When in doubt, or in a hurry, just focus on the base of the stemware. Simply painting the base and stem in colors that coordinate with your event can go a long way in making your event standout against others. Use pastels, metallics, or bold colors to fit the theme of your event.

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