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Awards Night Party



'Tis the season for red carpets, glittery gowns and cinematic success!  Awards nights are some of our favorites so we've vowed to celebrate them in fashion this year with wine and popcorn galore.  We teamed up with Popcornopolis to bring you the best sweet and savory wine + popcorn pairings and also with Red Stamp to supply the cutest party goods we could have asked for.

We kept our look clean, simple and Hollywood classic with a black backdrop, a gold and silver linen, simple white florals in glass vessels and white bowls for the popcorn. To add in that signature Oscar gold, we opted for a gold mylar Cheers banner, Gold Glitter Banner and our gold glitter bottles.  We dolled up our drinks with black and white paper straws and flags for appetizers or desserts.  We can't wait to see pictures of your Awards Night Party!  Be sure to share them with us on Instagram at @onehope #winenot? Cheers!

ONEHOPE WINE + Popcorn Pairings:

  • There's nothing more celebratory than bubbly and cake!  The refreshing bubbles of our tropical sparkling brut are the perfect combination for this festive white chocolate and sprinkle covered popcorn.  The sweet pairing and irresistible crunch will keep you coming back for more.  


  • Zesty, crisp and melon are all inherent flavors in our Sauvignon Blanc.  The citrusy finish commands a light and simple pairing.  For this wine, Nearly Naked Popcorn was the perfect combination, with no more than coconut oil and the perfect amount of salt to highlight its exceptional flavor.


  • Our Chardonnay is mouth full of smooth oak, crisp green apple, delicate vanilla and toasted coconut. It's crisp, yet perfectly well rounded and is the perfect pairing to Almond Toffee Popcorn with its rich, velvety and buttery flavor - a sublime balance of sweet and savory.


  • Flavors of silky Strawberry and cinnamon spice make our Pinot Noir elegant and versatile.  Enhance the subtle oak notes on this wine with Almond Toffee popcorn or Caramel Corn - both perfectly sweet and buttery.  


  • Our Merlot, with velvety, candied raspberry, sweet mocha and peppery undertones, commands a sharp cheese.  Big fluffy kernels popped to perfection and covered in exquisite white cheddar make this a delightful pairing for someone seeking savory flavors.


  • A tried and true pairing - Zinfandel and spice. Hearty cheddar and tiny flecks of jalapeño chili peppers are balanced with the key components to our Zinfandel: raspberry jam, savory herbs, cracked pepper and subtle spice - yum!


  • Dark Berries, wild violets and chocolate nuances of our Cabernet make it the perfect wine for the famous Zebra popcorn - caramel popcorn drizzled in white and dark chocolate.  Delicious!










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