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The Best Wines For Beer Drinkers


Fact: For every one bottle of wine that Americans consume, twenty bottles of beer will go down the hatch. Beer is, seemingly, the adult beverage of choice among the 21 and up community. And we get it, there is not much that can compete with an ice cold beer on a sweltering hot day. But being a lover of beer does not mean that you can’t appreciate a nice glass of wine. While the two fan clubs rarely get together for a collaborative meeting, there are plenty of wines that will appeal to a beer lover’s palette. Here’s how to find your new favorite wine.

Does the mere thought of tannins, acid, and body make your head spin? Not to worry. There’s no need to speak wine in order to drink it. We’ll make it simple by breaking the wine groups into a language you already know; pilsner, porter, and pale ale.

If you like a light beer…

If pilsners and lagers are your beer of choice, you’ll naturally gravitate towards a lighter wine, especially sparkling wine, which capitalizes on the carbonate that makes a light beer distinctive. We suggest a Spanish sparkling wine called Cava. It’s light, crisp, and pairs well with a wide range of food.

If you like pale ale…

Then you’re kind of a refined beer drinker, aren’t you? PAs are known for having a nice balance and fuller body than a light beer but without the heaviness of a porter. For that reason, we suggest a balanced, light red wine. If you reach for pale ales, try your hand at Pinot Noir. It’s a light red that has fewer tannins (That’s the Earthy taste you hear wine folks talk about) without the airiness of most white wines.

If wheat ales are your thing…

If Blue Moon is your go-to beer, it tells us that you prefer a smooth flavor that can sometimes have a bit of sweetness. You’re not afraid to think outside of the box and love a bit of adventure. For you, we recommend a buttery Chardonnay. Not only does oak-aged Chardonnay have a smooth texture, it also boasts fruit flavors – just like your wheat ales.

If you like your beers dark as night…

Porter lovers are a unique club all of their own. They really appreciate a complex flavor with Earthy tones and a ton of body. You like your adult beverages to be truly adult; these aren’t for the faint of heart! That’s exactly why we’re pairing you with a complex red like a Bordeaux or Chianti. These wines are packed with tannins, which gives them the body you look for and will pair well with the same foods as your porter.

Now that you have a great idea of which wines will best suit your beer-loving palette, it’s time to flip the script! Know that wine lovers can find beers that work well for them, too. Try encouraging the wine lover in your life to work the above list in reverse! Specifically, here’s a wine to beer guide by type:

  • If you like Champagne, try a Saison
  • If you like Chardonnay, try a Belgian style Tripel
  • If you like Pinot Noir, try a Belgian Dubbel
  • If you like Port, try a Bock

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