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Bubbly or Bourbon, Which is Best on New Year’s Eve?


New Year’s Eve is a celebration where most adults indulge in some form of alcoholic libation. So what’s the one bottle you want at your bar? While the most obvious choice is champagne, and it’s a great choice, it’s not the only one should consider. Here’s the pros and cons of your bar’s A-List players.

woman pouring champagne

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Not just for frat boys and BBQs anymore, a quality beer can actually hold its own at a party. A good craft beer appeals to most people and can boast a bouquet to rival wine. Apart from that, this oldest of all alcoholic beverages could also have some health qualities.

Pros include being rich in nutrients and a great source of vitamins, minerals, and flavonoids, which have powerful antioxidant powers. The list goes on, too. Moderate consumption can help with cholesterol and kidney stone development.

It’s not all roses though, beer consumption does have cons. Beer contains stimulants of gastric acid secretion, and THAT can lead to increased acid reflux and heartburn. Regular consumption could also impact your blood pressure and over consumption could leave you with a nasty hangover. Plus, overtime, you could develop the famed “beer belly” due to loads of empty calories.


Apart from being mostly low calorie, liquor has one other great pro going for it. Versatility. Stock up on a few good basics, the rum, tequila, and vodka, and then all you need is a pantry of inexpensive mixers, juices, and a free bartending app and you’re on your way to a great party.

Be careful though- one major con of liquor is that it takes less, far less for some, to become intoxicated. Especially when hidden in those delicious mixed drinks, you’ll want to pay close attention to how much your guests are consuming and make sure everyone has a safe way home.


Hey there, class act! Drinking wine sends a statement of sophistication and comes with quite a few pros. While studies have shown that drinking white wines helps keep lung tissue healthy, red wines steal the show. Pros of red wines include heart healthy qualities and high levels of anti-oxidants. Not to mention the studies that show it can prevent blood vessel damage and help to reduce cholesterol.

It’s not all good news though. Cons of wine consumption are said to include a higher calorie count than many other alcohols, and a highly acidic base level, which can be bad for your teeth over time. You can get more information on how to protect your teeth at http://krspd.com and they have a great blog


We saved the best for last here. Apart from the obvious pro of being the traditional drink of NYE, sparkling wines like champagne boast many other benefits as well. In fact, the benefits mirror those of red wines, things like antioxidants and heart health properties. They’re a great mixer for other drinks, too. Plus- champagne has a lower calorie count than red or white wine so, hey, have another glass!

On the flipside, some people just won’t favor the carbonation or sweet flavor of sparkling wines. Some complain of intensified headaches the day following over consumption.

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