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Gifts for Cabernet Lovers


Cabernet Sauvignon is America’s most beloved red wine. That makes “Cab-Sav” an easy gift to give and a great gift to receive. We are pleased to offer a wide variety of Cabernet Sauvignon. From single bottles at a variety of price points to gift boxes designed to appeal to different personality types among Cabernet lovers, here’s a peek at our favorite Cabernet Sauvignon gifts for 2017.

onehope wine cab sav limited 10 year

The "Everyday Cabernet" Drinker

For the everyday red wine lover in your life, a simple red wine in a beautifully presented box is a welcomed gift that does good for others as well. These two bottles support the same cause. They provide ABA therapy to children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. These therapies have as much as an 80-90% success rate in improving the life of a child with autism. For the “everyday cabernet” lover in your life, we suggest:

California Cabernet Sauvignon Single Bottle Wood Gift Box, $34

Red Wine Gift Box with Cabernet Sauvignon, $69

The Sweet Tooth

The Gift: Cookies and Cabernet Gift Box

The Cause: Helps provide ABA therapy to children with autism

The Cost: $49

Our pick for the sweets lover in your life, this gift box is a fan favorite. It comes complete with one bottle of ONEHOPE California Cabernet Sauvignon, caramelized Grahams in dark chocolate, and a second box of shortbread cookies dipped in pure dark chocolate. You’ll feed that sweet tooth while feeling sweet about providing therapy to children living with autism.

The Big Bottle Fans

The Gift: Short on cost but big on impact, these 1.5-liter magnum sized bottles deliver an elegant gift that continues to give back to others. Choose between:

California Cabernet Sauvignon, $34.99

This selection will help provide ABA therapy for children with autism. With an 80-90% chance of helping these children display dramatic improvements, this therapy can change lives.

10 Year Anniversary California Cabernet Sauvignon, $49.99

As with every bottle in our 10 Year Anniversary collection, this bottle will help fund the creation of new schools in developing countries around the world. Working with our partners, “Pencils of Promise,” we are proud to increase educational opportunities in developing areas around the globe.

The Collector

This 1.5-liter magnum-sized bottle is ideal for the collector personality in your life. The bottle is elegantly designed, and the wine inside is nothing short of impressive. This dry, medium to full-bodied wine has expertly balanced acidity and pairs well with rich foods like tri-tip steak, Brussel sprouts, and chocolate mousse. The wine arrives in a collectible wood box, further adding to its impressive presentation.

The Gift: 10 Year Anniversary Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

The Cause: Every bottle of anniversary wine sold will benefit children in developing nations. ONEHOPE wines will continue to work with ‘Pencils of Promise’ as we build new schools in developing communities around the world.

The Cost: $250 per bottle.

High-End Tastes

For the true Cabernet Sauvignon aficionados out there, we are pleased to present several high-end bottles for your consideration. These are among of best vintage presses and come artfully displayed. They also work towards an important cause; health education.

The Cause: Experts say that just 22% of farm workers reporting having health coverage through Medicaid or private health insurance. The National Agricultural Worker Survey revealed these eye-opening statistics in 2005. We want to help. So, when you buy one of these select bottles of ONEHOPE Cabernet Sauvignon, you’re funding one Napa Valley farm worker with onsite health coverage and education.

The Gift:

Estate 8 Cabernet Sauvignon, Blocks 1 & 5 $125 per bottle

Estate 8 Cabernet Sauvignon, Block 2 $100 per bottle

Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon, $100 per bottle

Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon, $100 per bottle

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