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Champagne Cocktails for the Holidays


There is just something invigorating about millions of tiny bubbles dancing across your tongue with every sip of sparkling wine, is there not? If you ask us, it certainly does not need to be a special occasion to pop the cork and enjoy some Champagne. Sparkling wine can translate to everyday enjoyment easily, and here are a few champagne cocktails that prove our point.

champagne cocktailPhoto credit: https://www.halfbakedharvest.com/blood-orange-champagne-mule/

  1. Lemonade Mimosas- Tangy, tart, and the perfect complement to summer. These are ideal for backyard birthday parties, showers of all kinds, and any other event Memorial Day through Labor Day.
  2. Mimosa Floats- This is one treat that is certainly not for the kiddos. You’ve heard of a root beer float, yes? Well in this version we take away the carbonated soda and introduce carbonated wine. You still get the ice cream, though. We especially like this one for birthday celebrations!
  3. Ring in Fall with a Pear Mimosa- This late harvest drink, made with dry sparkling wines, suits the cooling weather nicely. We like it for football season, bonfires, and Halloween parties!
  4. Champagne Dream- Anything with the word “dream” in the title bears trying, right? This is a dream that doesn’t disappoint, either. Pair sparkling wine with pomegranate liquor and fresh orange for this one!
  5. Bubbly Jello Shots- Put the hard liquor down. We repeat, put the vodka away. Turns out Jello shots can do just as well with sparkling wine, and who wouldn’t want to try them? It’s a great idea for pretty much any holiday, though, with a shake of glittery sprinkles in the mix, we like it the most for New Year’s Eve celebrations.
  6. Dreamy Creamsicles! A flashback to your youth awaits you in this creamy, dreamy cocktail. Orange juice, cream, and sparkling wine make for fancy friends in this concoction you’ve got to try to believe!
  7. Raspberry Cooler- This one looks insanely cool. A dash of raspberry sorbet floats on the top creating a unique ombre pink and white beverage. It’s sure to impress at any event because it tastes as impressive as it looks.
  8. Merry Christmosa to you! This recipe is a unique take on holiday cheer that’s perfect for December and jolly old St. Nick. Complete with cranberries, grapes, apples, and pomegranate seeds, this one looks as festive as it tastes!
  9. Sparkling Julep- The Kentucky Derby is a famed sporting event. Apart from the thoroughbreds, people flock from all over to get their hands on the unofficial drink of the event- the Mint Julep. Why not try your own spin on the classic by substituting in some sparkling wine? It’s extravagant and delicious! Just don’t forget your oversized sunglasses and fancy hats!
  10. Margarita or Mimosa? Why not have both? Substitute out the tequila for some champagne and take your cocktail to the next level. Obviously, this cocktail is well suited for Cinco de Mayo celebrations. Fun fact? Both Champagne and Tequila are alcohols that can only bear those names if created in a certain city. Sparkling wine can only be Champagne if it comes from a certain region of France, and it can only be called Tequila if it comes from a certain part of Mexico.

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