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December Cause Spotlight: Why Hunger


As the holidays quickly approach us, we at ONEHOPE are focusing our efforts on a different cause partner, WhyHunger. WhyHunger is a grassroots support organization with an aim to support, resource and build the organizations and social movements implementing new ideas and projects to realize an end to poverty and hunger. From their website, WhyHunger mentioned they "offer a clear vision and strategy to transform our collective food system into one that is socially and economically just, nourishes whole communities, cools the planet and ensures the rights of all people to food, land, water and sustainable livelihoods."

As a part of their mission, WhyHunger has some important Strategic Goals to help in their process to build stronger communities and end poverty and hunger:

1. Movement Building – Build and strengthen grassroots-led movements for food justice and food sovereignty worldwide.

2. Social Justice - Work for social justice by addressing the root causes of hunger and the deep inequities of poverty at the intersection of economic inequality, racism, health and the environment.

3. Human Rights – Work to protect and advance the right to nutritious food for all.

How ONEHOPE comes in: our sparkling wine bottles help provide meals to a child in need. Each Glitter Bottle provides 15 meals to a child in need and each case of our Sparkling Brut provides meals to 25 children in need.

We hope you are staying warm and spending time with your loved ones this holiday season! Happy December!


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