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DIY Mother's Day Flower Monogram


We are super excited to share with you a fun Mother's Day craft to do with your loved ones! This DIY flower monogram is a lovely gift to create as a present for Mother's Day or is the perfect activity to do on that day. Whatever occasion you choose, this craft is sure to delight the special women in your life!

Materials Needed:

1. Paper Mache Letters

2. Xacto Knife

3. Flowers (3-4 bundles, with a variety of sizes)

4. Hot Glue Gun


1. Purchase paper mache letters here and here.

2. Using an xacto knife, cut the top of the paper mache letters off and remove the cardboard so the letter is empty.

3. Select your real or fake flowers (we're using real). Select flowers that have large blooms or are on the fuller side, but make sure they're malleable and will fit within the container of the letters. Find 1-5 colors that all work together. You can make your monogram with one type of flower, or you can choose several for variety. You'll want to avoid too much overflow, otherwise the flowers will run into each other and the sides of the letters will become less visible and obvious.

4. Remove the stems from the flowers and place hot glue on the bottom of the flowers to secure them inside of the letters. Hold the flowers in place for a few seconds while the hot glue dries. Place flowers closely together to avoid any empty space or gaps between the flowers. Repeat this step until all your letters are full of flowers!

Happy Mother's Day to you all!


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