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Estate8 Update: Winter 2016


As many of you know, we are building a new property at the ONEHOPE Winery. It is called Estate8 and will be a private residence for our winery members. Estate8 will be located on our grounds in the Rutherford Valley off the St. Helena Highway, an iconic location home to many of the great wineries of Napa. So far, our team has spent countless hours building the estate- from brainstorming the interior to being there when the roof went on... it has been quite a journey. Here's a little more context on the significance of the number 8:

- It is the number of people who founded ONEHOPE
- A tribute to the Chow family who owned it before us (8 is a lucky number in Chinese Culture)
- A reflection of perfect symmetry and symbolizing an infinite cycle which we like when thinking about what this piece of land means both as a tangible piece of nature and as a platform to spread the ONEHOPE vision.
- The home has a modern farmhouse aesthetic, large kitchen and living room, a modern barn, iconic 35 ft. lookout tower, pool and pool house, bocci courts and many other fun amenities.


Estate8 will be in addition to our Tasting Room, Winery, and Vineyard on our property. We will be providing updates on the process of building this residence as it is a big milestone for our company. We are proud to create something that will last longer than our lifetimes!

You can learn more about our property here.


*Images from Meg Robins, our Art Director who resides in Napa

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