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Our Favorite Valentines Food and Wine Combos


Light the candles and fill the vases, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! If you’re like millions of other Americans, you’re probably already thinking of how to plan the perfect date night. We believe there is nothing more romantic than wine and a home-cooked meal. It is the perfect way to say, “I care.” Here are some dinner choices for red, white, and sparkling wines to make planning easy.

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Red Wine

Rich, bold, and intense, a good Pinot Noir or Merlot also boasts the robust color of love in addition to a rich flavor bouquet. Foods that pair well with red wines tend to be flavorful beef or other red meats. If you choose to pour a red wine this Valentine’s Day, we suggest pairing it with a savory Filet Mignon topped with savory blue cheese or even a rich pork chop, perhaps served with an apple glaze? If these sound a bit too fancy for your date, try making a pizza together! It’s fun and pairs perfectly with a hearty red.

Wine Choice: Go for romantic glitz this year with our Edna Valley Red Glitter Pinot Noir. The bottle makes a great centerpiece, and the wine inside is equally impressive. With notes of black cherry and vanilla, this medium bodied wine supports health.

Here are a few recipes we like for red wines:

Blue Cheese Filet Mignon with Port Wine Sauce

Pork Chops with Caramelized Apples

Prosciutto & Arugula Pizza


White Wine

Elements of oak and honey with undertones of citrus and butter make white wines easy on the tongue and romantic all the way around. They’re widely more preferred by the wine novice, so if you’re unsure of your date’s wine preference, a white wine may be the best place to start. Foods that tend to pair well with whites include white meats, like shellfish and occasionally chicken, that have a sweet, more delicate flavor profile. A favorite of ours is a rich, warm lobster stew! It’s sophisticated and special. We are also partial to a filling risotto with shrimp.

Wine Choice: Our California Symphony is the beautiful pairing of honey, gardenia, jasmine, and caramel. It features an off-dry sweetness and a light to medium body. This white has a smooth, sweet finish without being overly nectar-like.

Here are a few recipes to consider:

Hearty Lobster Stew

Shrimp Risotto

Roasted Chicken with Greens


Sparkling Wine

The romance of a sparkling wine should absolutely not be overlooked on Valentine’s Day. The bubbles, the sweet aroma, and the allure of this sexy beverage make it an iconic classic of the day. While it can pair well with shellfish, Asian dishes, and appetizer boards, we think its best saved for dessert on this holiday. Make the dessert a fun and interactive part of your date and whip up the deserts together as an activity for the ultimate fun romantic experience!

Wine Choice: Set the mood with a glistening golden glitter bottle of California Brut Sparkling Wine. Light in color with a crisp finish, this sparkler features notes of tangerine, peach, and pear. Green apple, fresh berries, and a hint of warm bread finish the bouquet.

Here are some desserts worth of the bubbly:

Chocolate Dipped Fruit Fondue

Almond Cookies

Apple Tart



Rose wines get a bad wrap. They’re not only the underpriced, over sweet drink of choice for college co-eds. While some Rose can have a sweet finish, the truth is that Rose can also carry a full body and dry finish. The fact that is available in such a wide variety of flavor profiles makes it a wonderful choice if you have dinner chosen before you make a wine preference. Rose can hold up to spicy dishes, light seafood dishes like Paella, and even bold flavors like a strong garlic chicken.

Wine Choice: Our North Coast Reserve Rose has a surprise for you. It’s also a sparkler! Made in the traditional Champagne method, this Rose has millions of festive bubbles waiting to dance across your tongue. Watermelon, strawberry, and rose petal essence make this romantically colored wine the perfect choice for a couple who survive winter to enjoy the summer.

Here are a few recipes to consider:

Spicy Thai Style Meatballs

Seafood Paella with Saffron Aioli

Mediterranean Chicken with Garlic

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