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Fringe Art Backdrop



At ONEHOPE, we've created quite a few backdrops for various events that we've been a part of, but when this image popped up in my feed on Pinterest, I simply couldn't get it off my mind.  Our Pink Party for Breast Cancer Awareness Month felt like the perfect time and we used it as a way to create interest on our wine tasting table.  Here is a simple way to recreate the look on your own under $25.


  • Dowels
  • Yarn in various colors
  • Scissors


  1. Cut your dowels to length.  If your dowels are longer than you'd like your finished length to be, cut them to size using a hand saw.  Or, simply ask your local hardware store to cut them for you which is what I did.  The sizes I went with were 24 inches and 16 inches.
  2. Decide what color yarn you will be using the most and cut it accordingly.  I knew we were going to be using mostly pink with a few strands of orange, yellow and white mixed in so I cut out much more pink in strands of ~48".  Note: you will be folding your strands in half to attach it to the dowel so keep that in mind when cutting to length.
  3. Yarn_500x334

  4. Fold yarn in half and pull the ends of the yarn around your dowel. Side loop to tighten and repeat.
  5. yarn-2_500x750



  6. Alternate colors as you see fit until you've filled the dowel with yarn :-) Cheers!

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