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Galentines Day Gift Guide


valentines day party

Source: http://lillianhopedesigns.com/16-valentines-day-party-ideas-3/

Valentine’s Day is made for lovers, right? Not necessarily! The day should be about celebrating those around you who mean the most to you. This often includes your kids, but how often does it extend to your best gal-pals? Maybe you have a friend who is recently single and struggling. Or, maybe you just want to celebrate your friendship independently of a relationship status. No matter, we love the idea of celebrating friendship as much as a romance this February. Here are eight gifts that will make her day!

Cuddle Bug

Is your best gal pal staying in on Valentine’s Day? Maybe, if you’re free too, you could show up with these super cute, super soft SHEEX pajamas. Bring her a bouquet of chocolate roses and a bottle of our California Rose. This is the perfect gift set for a “Gal-entines Day” party! It’s like a slumber party from back in the day!

Source: https://www.sheex.com/products/sheex-prf-women-s-short-sleeve-tee

Picture This

Download the chicsketch app for your phone or computer. It’ll allow you to take your favorite photo of you and your best gal and turn it into a sketch. It’s different enough to be cool, but without the need to get a new, great shot can still be a total surprise.


We love this champagne candle! It’s scented like a bottle of bubbly and, at $16, won’t break the bank. It’s a great budget gift for everyone!


No manicures this year! This unique kit allows you and your buds to mix custom nail polish colors. Will you be fire engine red with a twist of gold? Maybe totally teal? Imagine how fun it will be to create unique colors that highlight your individual personalities. Will you complement one another, or totally clash?

Rose Sorbet

Of course, we love this one! Grab this wine inspired sorbet and a package of cupcakes and treat your gals to a night in! There are plenty of flavors available, and with titles like “Black Chocolate Amaretto Fudge” and “Spiked Caramel Latte,” there is something for everyone, even your friends who don’t like wine.

Creative Candies

Skip the supermarket chocolates, but keep the sweets. Make it special by offering small batches of candies made by small, local chocolatiers or candy shops. If you can’t find one nearby, or you’re short on time, we love the adorable treats available at mouth.com.

Glittery Girlfriend Fun

Of course, we must mention the ONEHOPE Birthday Babe glitter bottle gift box. Now, we know it’s not likely that your best gal is celebrating her birthday on Valentine’s Day, but this gift box is a perfect pack of love and party. Complete with balloons, confetti, flower petals, and a marshmallow treat, this is a super fun gift to receive.

Sweetheart Taco

Because who DOESN’T love a taco? This little ditty has a playful saying on it and helps keep power charging cords organized.

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