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Gifts that Give Back


Giving back to the communities we live in is what we’re all about. The holidays have always been a time of giving, helping, and loving. This year, we’re excited to be partnering with several other companies who share our goal of impacting the world and going good. We’re proud to introduce you to “Found my Animal” and the PF Candle Company.


onehope wine gift box the walker

Found My Animal

We teamed up with “Found my Animal” to make a difference in the lives of shelter pets across the country. The company promotes animal adoption in a very direct way, by letting your pet wear your values. By encouraging rescue over a purchase, we support animal welfare by asking pets and their owners to help deliver this simple, important message. Most shelter animals have just a 50% chance of finding a forever home. But through this partnership, we’re making a direct impact on animals and helping to increase their odds at a second chance at life. Every time you support this partnership, you will be helping one shelter animal find their perfect fur-ever home. To date, more than 49 thousand animals have found homes as a result of “Found my Animal.”

To help this incredible company, we proudly offer The Walker Gift Box. This kit, artfully displayed inside of a cardboard crate atop a bed of crinkle paper, includes one bottle of ONEHOPE California Pinot Noir, a four-foot synthetic leash, and a doggy bag holder. The kit sells for $79.

PF Candle Company

We’ve also paired up with the PF Candle Company to support environmental causes. By providing clean drinking water as well as helping to replant deforested areas, we’re working together to leave this Earth a better place. Their programs give back to local causes such as Heal the Bay, which is an organization dedicated to making the coastal waters and inland watersheds around the Greater Los Angeles area safer, healthier, and cleaner by utilizing science, education, advocacy, and the power of community. More than 18 thousand people have received clean drinking water through the purchase of one of these three gift boxes.

In addition, PF Candle Company is also working to rebuild thinning forests. To date, more than 83 thousand trees have been planted as a result of their influence and programs. Together, we offer the following gift kits to help the environment. 

Pumpkin Spice Latte Gift Box, $59

Includes one pound of ONEHOPE Karma blend whole bean coffee, gingerbread with pumpkin seed popcorn, spiced pumpkin scented candle from PF Candle Co. and Sonoma Syrup in pumpkin spice.

The Peppermint Gift Box, $59

Includes one pound of ONEHOPE Karma blend whole bean coffee, candy cane flavored caramel popcorn, chocolate peppermint cookie pops, and a spruce scented soy candle from PF Candle Co.

The Californian Gift Box, $69

The kit includes your choice of one of twelve ONEHOPE wine varieties, a California branded wine bag, California made caramels and popcorn, and a PF Candle Co. candle in Golden Coast scent.

Looking for other ways to do good and give back? Check out these other options that impact homelessness as well as the environment.

The Napa Picnic Gift Crate

The Cause: This expansive kit will help regrow forests around the world. Every kit purchased leads to one new tree being planted.

The Cost: $129

This gift arrives in a birch crate ready for a perfect afternoon picnic. It includes one bottle of your choice of ONEHOPE wines, a Turkish towel blanket, dark chocolate with sea salt covered pretzels, Swiss cheese, ONEHOPE caramelized onion crisps, and a limited edition thermal water bottle.

The Giving Keys

The Cause: This kit provides education for homeless people transitioning out of homelessness and back to the workforce. Quite literally, giving this gift gives the gift of hope.

The Cost: $79

Displayed in a branded craft gift box, this set includes one bottle of ONEHOPE California Viognier white wine and a golden key necklace. On the necklace, a single word is written. The key says, ‘hope’ because that’s exactly what this gift gives to those benefitting from the purchase. Education to transition back to the workforce, and back to independence. 

This holiday season, we are abundantly grateful for our customers. Together with your support, we have been able to do some incredible things.

Through the purchase of incredible wines and gift crates, together we have been able to provide meals for more than 1.5 million children in need. We have also been able to help place more than 30 thousand shelter animals into forever homes. On top of that, we continue to provide education on heart disease, provide assistance for the homeless, and fund suicide prevention lines for troubled LGBTQ youth. We’re humbled by your support and feel honored to present these holiday gift boxes, designed to continue helping those around us.

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