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Happy National Wine Day!


National Wine Day is coming up on May 25 — an annual day that reportedly was concocted in 2009 by several individuals with a strong passion for vino. On this day dedicated to wine and wine lovers, it's the perfect opportunity to sit back, relax, and sip your favorite glass of wine over a home-cooked meal, with friends, or at a restaurant or wine-tasting event at a local wine shop or winery. You also could take this time to explore the world of wine by hosting a wine-tasting party for friends or family. Although we think that wine should be enjoyed every day of the year, we've compiled a list that includes just a few ways to take full advantage of this spirited holiday. Cheers!

Photography credit: Brian Topiano

Make a Memorable Meal

When it comes to wine and food pairings, there are no rules; there are merely suggestions. Along those lines, we uncovered this nifty list that can serve as a shortcut when deciding on what dishes to serve with which wines:

Chocolate: Cabernet Sauvignon

Fruit: White Zinfandel or Rosé

Dishes with cream sauce: Sauvignon Blanc, Sparkling Wine

Dishes with tomato sauce: Zinfandel

Shellfish: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Sparkling Wine

Halibut: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Sparkling Wine

Salmon: Chardonnay, Sparkling Wine, Pinot Noir

Spicy food: Riesling, White Zinfandel

Poultry: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, White Zinfandel, Rosé

Game: Cabernet, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Zinfandel

Lamb/Duck: Cabernet, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Zinfandel

Pork: White Zinfandel, Rosé, Syrah

Veal: Rosé, Pinot Noir

Beef: Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Zinfandel

Strong cheese: Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Zinfandel

Mild cheese/cream dips: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Sparkling Wine,

Throw a Wine-Tasting Party

You can host your very own fun-filled wine-tasting events featuring ONEHOPE's award-winning vino from the comfort of your home or any other preferred setting — all while raising funds for the philanthropic cause of your choice. Through the viaONEHOPE program, your guests can enjoy the evening and purchase their favorite wines, with 15 percent of the proceeds directly impacting their local communities. Hosting a wine-tasting event is simple. Just set a date, select a nonprofit organization as the fund-raising beneficiary, and order a host package at least seven days before your event (we recommend allowing plenty of time for ground shipping). You'll even receive wine and cheese pairing guides, along with helpful tips on how to host a fantastic event. Five host packages are available and ship for free, with prices ranging from $69-$199. Choose from the Mix & Match option, which allows you to select six or 12 vintages from the Core Collection (with an option to upgrade). Or go with the Curated Selections, which allows you to choose eight Core Collection varietals, along with four wines from the White, Pinot, or Red collections. All that's left to do is invite your guests, and then mix, mingle, and make an impact!


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