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DIY Holiday Crafting Ideas


Now that most of us are home for the holidays, if not soon to be home, it's time to have some quality time with family! A great way to do this is with crafting. We at ONEHOPE had a holiday crafting day a few weeks back, and we've got some great holiday crafts to try.


No-Sew Sock Snowmen:

Materials needed:

Super Glue or Glue Gun (double sided tape, optional)
One sock
Multi-colored sock
Scrap fabric (or ribbon)
Thread (or rubber bands)
1kg of Rice
Small orange pompoms


1. Cut the sock in half and tie one end closed with some string.
2. Flip the sock inside out and fill to the top with rice (about one bag).
3. Tie the top off with another piece of thread.
4. Find a good place to tie the thread to make the head- about 1/3 of rice is needed for the head.
5. Wrap the fabric (or ribbon) around the head to make a scarf. Glue in place.
6. Cut the multi-colored sock to make a hat. Roll up the end of the sock to hide the cut edges.
7. Place on top of head and glue the hat.
8. Glue the buttons down the front of the snowman.
9. Draw the eyes and mouth of the snowman with black sharpie and the cheeks with pink sharpie.
10. Glue an orange pom for the nose.

You've got yourself a cute snowman!

Adapted from the following video.


Origami Lanterns for String Lights:


Gold and Silver Origami Paper (square)


Please see the following link for full instructions and images.

Hope you all enjoy making these crafts!


*Thank you to HandiMania and The Artisan Life for the inspiration.

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