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Italian Christmas Cookies


italian ricotta cookies

Baking cookies is a holiday tradition that many families keep. Not only is it a great way to schedule some family time with your kids, it’s also a simple way to spread cheer! First, you bake the treats together as a family, and then you package them into tins or trays to pass out to neighbors, school teachers, and others in your community. This season, how about introducing a new cookie to the collection? We’re big fans of this Italian Christmas cookie. It’s simple to make, delicious to eat, and unique among a crowd − which makes it totally memorable.

Ingredients & Recipe

Nothing fancy on the ingredients list, just eggs, vanilla, flour, sugar, butter, baking powder, and confectioners’ sugar. The process is not unlike a typical sugar cookie, either. Start by sifting your dry ingredients together, and then fold in butter, egg, and vanilla. After you make the dough you’ll want to refrigerate it.

Later, when the dough is formed, you’ll cut the dough to create bite-sized cookies. The trick here is to aim for a small swirl that gives the cookie a definite point at the top. Your goal is bite-sized swirls.

Once the cookies are formed and placed on a wax paper covered cookie sheet, bake them at 375 degrees for just eight to ten minutes.

What makes this cookie so memorable is the homemade icing. You beat together the water, confectioner’s sugar, and vanilla in a bowl. When the consistency is wet but still thick, you’ll dip the tops of your (still warm) cookies into the glaze. As the cookies cool, the glaze runs down the sides creating unique patterns. The icing then hardens and creates a blanket of sweet on top of the cookie. Many people put colorful sprinkles on the glaze while it’s still wet.

For the full recipe and directions, just click here. Salute!

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