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It's time to think pink as we support the fight against breast cancer


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we are taking the opportunity to celebrate with an incredibly special new product -- a PINK GLITTER BOTTLE where every 2 bottles funds one clinical trial for a woman with breast cancer through Gateway For Cancer Research.

This $59 bottle is the ultimate way to bring awareness to this pervasive cause, as one in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. Gateway takes an incredibly unique approach to ending breast cancer though supporting Phase I and Phase II clinical trials that effectively tailor cancer treatment to the unique biology, environment, and needs of each patient.

Gateway's clinical trials focus include:

  • Next Generation Science: Next generation science is research that has strong potential for a significant break-through in patient-centered research. These trials focus on healing the patient even as they treat the disease.

  • Tailored Therapies: Gateway has always believed in tailoring therapy to the unique biology of individual patients—now, with the level of genetic and cell protein data available to us, we can invest in research that is both tailored and precise. This is why we are investing in therapies customized to the unique biology, characteristics and environment of each patient.

  • Patient Enrollment/Ages & Stages: In particular, our funding supports patient enrollment in clinical trials so more people with cancer can access the treatment they need. Our funded trials represent people of all ages, who's at any stage of progress.

Without a doubt the largest differentiator of their work, Gateway incentivizes researchers to adopt patient-centered outcomes and carefully measures the degree to which they have placed patients at the center of their work. This means they put patients first in the research process:

  • Gateway funded trials must involve patient advocates: We require investigators consult regularly with patient representatives and advocates and gather their input into the trial design. When we select the projects we will fund, we require Principal Investigators to report on their interaction with patient advocates and how they have incorporated their feedback into the trial.

  • Gateway funded trials should maintain or improve quality of life: Gateway asks Principal Investigators to measure quality of life based on the self-reports of patients. Quality of life is defined on an individual basis, and incorporates many aspects of an individual’s life, including relationships, sense of well-being, career, family, and financial status, among others.

  • Gateway funded trials should closely track the burden of treatment on patients: Gateway asks Principal Investigators to measure the degree to which number and duration of appointments, hospitalizations, work missed and financial costs accumulate into a burden that can reduce a patient’s quality of life.

  • Gateway funded trials should maintain or increase a patient’s sense of hope for the future: Gateway asks investigators to use a scientifically validated tool, the Herth Hope Index, to measure a patient’s positive outlook, goal-setting, isolation, optimism, inner strength, sense of joy, feeling about the future and feeling of self value.

Patients who participate in a clinical trial plays a critical role in conquering cancer on behalf of all of us. Gateway feels a deep responsibility to every one of these patients to create a shared sense of urgency in the field and to improve the overall standard of care by driving transformative discoveries.

Join us in supporting their noble mission through our new Pink Glitter Chardonnay.

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