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March Cause Spotlight: Trees4Trees


Did you know that half of the world’s tropical forests have already been destroyed? We have partnered with the organization Trees4Trees to plant trees in global reforestation projects. To give you more information on this cause partner, they will be our featured non-profit for the month of March in accordance with International Day of Forests on March 21st and the beginnings of spring.

Trees4Trees is a non-profit foundation that empowers local communities with reforestation initiatives and related education programs. As stated on their website, "the foundation distributes free seedlings of high value species including teak, mahogany, mango and other local timbers to local farmers and resident land owners. The program provides technical guidance on planting and best forestry practices in addition to long term monitoring and market assistance to help the tree growers maximize value."


We support this organization for the combination of social and environmental impact that they make in our world. Planting trees has a huge impact on carbon dioxide in the environment (especially if planted in a tropical climate vs. a temperate climate- see below), on human breathing, and on offsetting carbon emissions from cars and electricity usage.


It has been shown that some tree species growing in the tropics can remove approximately the same amount of CO2 from the atmosphere in 5 years as trees in temperate a climate will in 40 years.

This carbon sequestration rates vary by tree species, soil type, regional climate, topography and management practice. In fact, trees that grow in tropical regions can accumulate carbon more quickly than the one growing in temperate climates.

For example, sequestering one metric ton of CO2 equals about 3.6 trees planted in America per year (according to American Forests). This means a single tree sequesters about 0.277 metric tons of CO2 over 40 years.

With our calculations at Trees4Trees, a tree planted by one of our farmers in Java can sequester approximately the same amount of carbon or more in just 5 years!


It is often said that 1 single mature tree can provide enough breathing oxygen for 2 human beings. For the same family, 3 trees planted on our farmers land, on average, produce enough oxygen for the 6 members of the family.

With 25 trees you can plant enough trees to provide the oxygen needed for the life of 50 people. Amazing!

**The amount of oxygen produced by an acre of trees per year equals the amount consumed by 18 people annually. One tree produces nearly 260 pounds of oxygen each year.


With less than 35 trees you can offset one year of C02 emission from a car.

**A passenger vehicle of medium size and power emits about 5.5 tons of CO2 per year, (with an average of 12,000 miles per year). To offset one year of CO2 emission from a car, you would need 19 trees. This is still not a lot of money. In addition to using the car the least, donating to Trees4Trees that help plant trees in Indonesia, is an environmentally friendly gesture.


With 7 trees, you can offset one year of CO2 emission due to the global average household electricity consumption.

With love,


Environment Canada, Canada's national environmental agency

Image Credit: http://amongraf.ro/check-out-the-most-majestically-trees-in-the-world/2/

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