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October Cause Spotlight: Gateway for Cancer Research


From here on out, every month, ONEHOPE is going to feature one of our cause partners to highlight the great nonprofits our company works with. This month, we chose Gateway for Cancer Research, since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. These wines donate to help Gateway for Cancer Research fund clinical trials for patients with breast cancer.

Gateway for Cancer Research funds clinical trials for all types of cancers and prioritizes only the most relevant and cutting-edge research. Gateway states on their website that they invest "in next generation of potential breakthroughs in patient-centric cancer research in order to drive transformational advances in cancer treatment." Gateway is unique in that their patients have a voice, and their research targets Phase I and Phase II cancer clinical trials. Their patient-centered approach is focused on:

"Next Generation Science: Next generation science is research that has strong potential for a significant break-through in patient-centered research. These trials focus on healing the patient even as they treat the disease.

Tailored Therapies: Gateway has always believed in tailoring therapy to the unique biology of individual patients—now, with the level of genetic and cell protein data available to us, we can invest in research that is both tailored and precise. This is why we are investing in therapies customized to the unique biology, characteristics and environment of each patient.

Patient Enrollment/Ages & Stages: In particular, our funding supports patient enrollment in clinical trials so more people with cancer can access the treatment they need. Our funded trials represent people of all ages, at any stage of cancer."

Gateway for Cancer Research has funded successful trials in the past, and we can't wait to see what they will continue to do in the future. To date, ONEHOPE funded 3,314 clinical trials for women with breast cancer.. and counting!


Image: Megan Welker

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