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10 Fantastic Uses for Old Coffee Grounds


They’re what’s left over at the end of a pot of coffee. All of those coffee grounds that go from that basket to trash every day can feel really wasteful. Yes, you can compost them, most of us know that. But if you don’t keep a compost pile, or simply don’t want to mess with it, here are ten other surprising uses for those old coffee grounds.

milk being poured into coffee

Photo credit: https://www.playbuzz.com/carliedobkin10/only-read-this-if-you-love-coffee-way-too-much

  1. Make some soap! Yes, the soap will be black, but it will also have an incredible aroma – at least if you like the scent of coffee that is! Since it can look a bit like a “lump of coal” this one gets our vote for most creative use during the holiday season! Here’s how to do it.
  2. Why stop at suds? Coffee grounds are naturally exfoliating and can also be used to create a great bath scrub. Again, the aroma will be that of a coffee shop, but it also leads to glowing, fresh skin. Even better yet? Some research suggests that this may reduce the appearance of cellulite. Complete a beauty kit with this third recipe, great for an eye serum.
  3. Furniture Stains- Your dentist may have told you that too much coffee can stain your teeth. Guess what? It can also stain your furniture. Mix your used grounds with water to create a thick paste, then just rub it into scratches on your wood surfaces. Let it sit for a bit, then wipe it away to reveal a more uniform wood! Here’s more
  4. Don’t stop with the coffee table, though. Coffee grounds also make a great organic brown dye for fabrics and even Easter eggs.
  5. You might love the smell of coffee, but not every creature out there agrees with you. In fact, outdoor pests like insects and animals are particularly turned off by your Italian roast. Sprinkling used grounds into the grass around your patio or herb garden can serve as a totally organic pest control system!
  6. Have a fireplace? You can stop ash and soot from escaping simply by sprinkling wet coffee grounds on top of ash. It’ll weigh it down and keep it from spreading. Bonus? The rest time you light a fire the coffee aroma will greet you!
  7. OK, we have to talk about the garden. Coffee in your gardening can help seeds grow faster and stronger, and it will also create a healthy environment for bait and Earthworms.
  8. We’ve all seen artisan candles with whole coffee beans in them. Do it yourself with used coffee grounds for a much cheaper experience that smells just as nice! Home candlemaking isn’t hard, here’s a look at how it’s done.
  9. If your hair is already brown, feel free to use the grounds as a pre-shampoo masque while you’re in the shower or tub. Just massage the grounds in, leave them for a few minutes, then go about your normal shampoo and conditioning routine. We’re told the result is a glossy, healthy mane.
  10. Finally, turns out coffee grounds can really clean up. If you have extremely dirty pots and pans, a coffee ground scrub can remove cooked on grime with ease. Just be sure you don’t mind if the coffee grounds stain said pots and pans.

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