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ONEHOPE Collaborates with Trefethen Family


The Trefethen family and their brand are a reflection of decades of making the right decisions, and of course, some of the world's best wines. I initially was introduced to Lorenzo Trefethen through a friend that said "we had to meet!". After meeting him, I remember leaving and thinking how smart, energetic and progressive he was. Something told me we would collaborate together in the near future.

During our meeting, Lorenzo explained how they produce every case of wine from their own vineyards which are located in the Oak Knoll District of Napa Valley.  And told me about their well-drained loamy soils and a marine-influenced climate yield Chardonnay grapes with rich, balanced flavors, a big reason they were named “Best Chardonnay in the World” at the Gault Millau World Wine Olympics in France.  He also told me about their Cabernet Sauvignon vines are planted in gravelly soils in the northwestern quadrant of their estate and how the well-drained soils combined with limited yields produce Cabernet Sauvignon fruit with bright and complex flavors.  Later that day, I purchased a bottle of their 2011 Estate Cabernets and and it was one of the best Cabernets I'd had in years.

Fast-forward 6 months, ONEHOPE was making a move to purchase a vineyard on St Helena Hwy just a few miles north of Trefethen in the Rutherford region of Napa Valley.  We had a number of important partners who were coming to Napa to visit the property for the first time.  Since the Winery was not built, we needed a place to host all of them for dinner.  Lorenzo's sister, Hailey, and his mother, Janet hosted our group for dinner with open arms.  Before dinner they told the story of their family and also educated us on some of their outstanding sustainability and philanthropic efforts. Not only did they welcome our small group of partners into their barn for dinner that evening, but in a way, it felt like they officially welcomed ONEHOPE into the Napa Valley as a neighbor that evening.

The following day I reached out to Lorenzo about doing our first collaboration together, and I really wanted it to be with their next vintage of Cabernet, because I loved their 2011 vintage so much. That same evening, the Napa earthquake hit, and really shook their property and mangled their barn and our conversations were put on hold. But, with the same resilience that it takes to build a generational and iconic brand, they rallied and have since resurrected the barn.  After the dust settled, and things were back to normal, Lorenzo reached out and was ready to go. Today, I am so proud to launch this 2012 ONEHOPE x Trefethen collaboration because it represents the people behind this project and the effort, teamwork and persistence it takes to get something truly beautiful off the ground.

-- Told by CEO & Founder, Jake Kloberdanz

Every bottle of the 2012 ONEHOPE x Trefethen Oak Knoll Estate Cabernet Sauvignon, rated 96 points by Wine Review online in January 2015, will help prevent skin cancer. A cause that is close to the Trefethen Family's heart, funds from each bottle sold will create an impact by educating the public on what they can do to prevent skin cancer.

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