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ONEHOPE partners with Crisis Text Line


Imagine being back in Jr High - 7th grade to be exact. You have just started at a new school and suddenly you are around mostly new people from the ones you grew up with at elementary school.  Some of these new people decide to single you out and pick on you, just for being you. One day they make fun of the outfit you are wearing. The next it’s “the look on your face,” when you didn’t know you were making a face. They threaten to “wipe the look off your face” and they steal your lunch.  You are ostracized because this group of people is picking on you and no one else wants to risk being picked on as well. You are alone and you spend a lot of your time in the bathroom during recess and lunch to try to avoid the humiliation, the threat of violence, and the pure fear you have of this group of students.
Now imagine if you had someone to talk to. Enter Crisis Text Line, a nonprofit organization that provides free crisis intervention services via text message 24/7.

It’s genius really. We all love to text. It’s easy, fast, and silent - a key factor in crisis intervention when you don’t want others to hear you. It allows a one-to-one conversation in a safe and private way. Statistics show that only 5% of teens are willing to call phone crisis lines, but they’re more willing to text.

It also provides boatloads of data. CTL has redefined the former guesswork of bullying, cutting, suicide contemplation, eating disorders, etc into real-time data on every one of those issues. It can inform legislation and school policy. You can see the immediate impact of intervening into these issues and ultimately prevent them from happening in the first place.

This incredible organization is our partner for our newest wine, the Carneros Chardonnay, where every bottle helps end bullying and other crises through counseling.

Check out the TED Talk by Founder, Nancy Lublin, support this incredible organization through our Carneros Chardonnay, and apply to volunteer here.


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