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ONEHOPE Wine Holiday Gift Guide


All that sparkles isn’t gold, and all that is envied isn’t only available during the holiday season. The gift-giving season is quickly approaching and this year, we think you should consider gifting a ONEHOPE wine product. Designed for ease of shipment, these packages save you both time and money. They’re gifts that you can feel as good about giving as the recipient feels about receiving. The reason is simple: every ONEHOPE wine bundle comes with a donation to a cause. A philanthropic gift that embodies the essence of the gift-giving season, here’s a look at our favorite bundles, broken down by the people you shop for most often.

Gifts for Mom

Gift giving for mom is always a big undertaking. She’s the woman who taught you to give in the first place, so what gift is worthy of her? For mom, our favorite gift boxes are:

Giving Keys Gift Box- This box comes with a bottle of white wine and a dainty necklace. We pair the California Viognier wine with a golden necklace featuring a key pendant. With this box, your mother will enjoy a smooth wine. Your gift also helps fund the way to prepare the homeless with job readiness skills.

Cookies & Cab Gift Box- If mom prefers red wine, we love the Cookies & Cab option for her. We pair ONEHOPE Cabernet Sauvignon with caramelized grahams dipped in pure dark chocolate. A second box of shortbread espresso cookies completes this trio. Each Cookies & Cab gift box helps fund ABA therapy for children living with Autism.

Gifts for Dad

For the man who has everything, we’re fans of these two kits.

Morning Man Gift Box-Help dad rise and shine with a gift to see him completely through the day. He can start the morning off right with the perfect shave. This kit includes a Hardware shaving brush, shaving soap, enamel soap bowl, aftershave, and a full pound of ONEHOPE Karma blend coffee. The kit includes a white mug and a donation to help provide a microloan.

World of Good Gift Box- If dad loves wine as much as his morning joe, then the World of Good Gift Box is more his speed. This kit includes a trio of indulgences: a 4-ounce bag of Kitchen Creations’ chocolate covered espresso beans, 4 ounces of ONEHOPE’s own Karma Blend coffee, and a bottle of huckleberry and loganberry flavored Merlot. Also, each gift box purchased helps to end global disease by providing access to life-saving medicine for five children.

Gifts for Him

Boyfriends, brothers, uncles and buddies, there are plenty of other men in your life who we’ve also got a gift box for. May we suggest:

The Mixologist- Perfect for the man who always has a little something up his sleeve and is always interested in being the life of the party! This gift box includes a bottle of ONEHOPE Sparkling Brut as well as Owl’s Brew Coco-lada and Owl’s Brew White & Vine. These two mixers make it simple to create cocktails that will inspire others. Meanwhile, each kit purchased will fund meals for five children in need.

Grill & Chill- Have a man who loves to grill out when the weather is nice? This kit makes it a pleasure. Pairing a ONEHOPE Red blend with a Zinfandel marinade, a spicy roasted garlic BBQ sauce, and a tangy sriracha mustard, this kit really heats up the backyard! It’s a great conversation piece and also provides 5 meals to children in need with every sale.

Gifts for Her

Sisters, girlfriends, best friends, aunts, and grandmas- don’t leave anyone off your holiday gift list and get all of your chopping one in one stop with these wine gift boxes.

Aww Baby Gift Box- Have a new mom or a mom-to-be on your list this year? We love this box for the way it provides something for everyone in the family. Mom gets sparkling wine, dad gets our Karma blend coffee, and the newest addition gets a sweet stuffed animal, book, and super soft swaddle. Meanwhile, each gift box purchased also provides meals to five children in need.

Birthday Babe- So we know the title of the box says birthday, but hear us out! This colorful gift doesn’t have to be for birthdays only! By pairing a sparkling wine with a unique bottle tag, a rainbow marshmallow treat, confetti, garland, and balloons, this gift box is a right party any day of the year! Perfect for any lady with a joyful spirit, each Birthday Babe gift box also provides meals to 5 children in need.

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