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ONEHOPE's 2017 #SummerofService Campaign


This summer, we are excited to announce that we have a brand new campaign we are celebrating all season long! Our #SummerofService campaign will highlight all of our products that support our troops through Team Rubicon.

We have been partnering with the organization Team Rubicon for the past three years and we are immensely proud of the impact we've made together. Team Rubicon brings veterans together to aid in natural disaster relief efforts. According to their mission statement: "Disasters are our business. Veterans are our passion." Team Rubicon's mission is to rapidly deploy the unique skills of military veterans to help people in need during natural disasters. And in the process, they are helping veterans reconnect with their sense of purpose and service. You can learn more about Team Rubicon through this video.

To show the incredible impact that Team Rubicon has made, here are some personal stories from the TRibe:

Joe Kaye:

"Christmas week, a devastating set of tornadoes swept through just south of Dallas. I got a phone call, “How quick can you be ready to go to Dallas? We are doing this thing... My bags were packed before I hung up the phone.”

Read "Bouncing Back With Purpose", Marine veteran Joe Kaye's story here.

Cheryl Mann:

"Team Rubicon and its mission(s) is truly a Godsend, a family, and a beacon of sanity in this sometimes insane existence that veterans share."
Read "Getting Reacquainted With Purpose in Texas", Marine corps veteran Cheryl Mann's story here.

Pat Gustafson:

"A Team Rubicon strike team walks up. A ground swell garbed in grey shirts armed with shovels and rakes and hope. We say to them, 'We are here to help.' They say, 'But I don’t even know where to start.' We shake their hand, maybe put an arm around their shoulder. 'We do.' "
Read "How Can I Not?", army veteran Pat Gustafson's story here.

We will be celebrating our #SummerofService all season long, but we will be highlighting the cause on these holidays: Memorial Day, July 4th, and September 11th. Please join in on the movement and share #SummerofService on all social paltforms! We will be reposting our favorites throughout the summer. Other ways you can join the movement are as follows:

Show Gratitude: All summer long your ONEHOPE shipments will include a blank post card pre-addressed to a veteran. We invite you to take a few moments this summer to write a message of thanks and drop the postcard in the mail.

Raise Funds: Host a ONEHOPE wine tasting with one of our Cause Entrepreneurs and 15% of sales can go to a non-profit like Team Rubicon or any other that supports our military families or veterans. You can learn more about hosting or joining the movement here.

Volunteer: There are tons of ways to get involved with Team Rubicon, from spreading the word to your network to actually joining the Team! You can learn more about how you can get involved here.

Join us in getting involved this summer with #SummerofService!


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