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Homemade Peppermint Bark Recipe


Peppermint bark is about as festive as the holidays can get! Its mint, chocolate, and a bright punch of color that goes well with just about anything. Serve it as an appetizer, a snack, or even a dessert. It makes a great gift for your mailman, a teacher, grandma or even yourself. It is simple to make at home, and that’s why it’s on our list for dishes you must have on your table this holiday season.

homemade peppermint bark recipe

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To get started, head to your local grocery store and pick up the basics. You’ll need:

  • A bag of peppermint candies.
  • 1.5 pounds of milk chocolate
  • 1.5 pounds of white chocolate
  • Oil-based peppermint extract

Just four simple ingredients at the store, and then four simple steps at home.

Step 1 – Prep for Peppermint

Crush the peppermint candies, and then spread about a third of them onto a wax lined 9x13” cookie sheet.

Step 2 – Melt your Milk Chocolate

Melt your milk chocolate in a double boiler saucepan over medium heat. The water should be just simmering. Be sure to stir regularly and scrape the sides of the pan to prevent burning. Once the milk chocolate is melted, pour it over your crushed peppermint. Go ahead and add half of the remaining peppermint candies to the top of your milk chocolate layer. Pop the work in progress in the refrigerator to chill.

Step 3- Warm your White Chocolate

Using the same method as before, melt your white chocolate in a double boiler saucepan over just simmering water. Remember to stir and scrape your pan as you go. Once melted, stir in 1 teaspoon of peppermint oil extract. After you’re done, you’ll want to remove the bark from the refrigerator and pour the white chocolate layer on top. Finish it off by spreading your remaining peppermint candies on top. Put your completed project back in the fridge to cool.

Step 4- Taste your Treat

After about a half an hour in the fridge, your bark should be set and ready to enjoy! Now for the tricky part. Do you share your tasty treat? Or do you keep it all for yourself?

Want to add some wine to your tasting event? Peppermint treats can pair nicely with a variety of wine choices. If you’d like to balance the richness of the treat with a lighter wine, we recommend a white Bordeaux. Red wines can provide a nice color companion to the bark, and also pair nicely. If red wine has your heart, reach for a bottle of Pinot Noir.

One thing to remember, however, is that most sweets won’t pair well with sparkling wines, so avoid those!

Here’s a look at a few of our favorite adaptations on this festive favorite.

Sugar-Free Peppermint Bark

Diabetic or know someone who is? This recipe is inclusive of their dietary needs.

Low-Cal Peppermint Bark

Want to enjoy a sweet treat while trying to live low-cal? This recipe cuts as many carbohydrates as possible while staying true to the essence of peppermint bark.

Peppermint Bark Fudge

It’s the best of both worlds! Perfectly rich and always smooth, we love this fudge recipe.

Peppermint Bark Ice Cream

Approved by Mr. Claus himself, peppermint bark ice cream is as festive as you can get!

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