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R&R: Reading & Relaxing Pt. 2


A couple weeks ago, we celebrated the launch of our Central Coast Riesling and Rosé with some ideas for spring reading from the ONEHOPE Team and viaONEHOPE Team. This week, we've got more recommendations for you all to enjoy with our various varietals. You can enjoy these by the pool, after a long day of work, or just because!

ONEHOPE's Recommendations:

1. The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins + California Zinfandel
It's a super simple way to help get you actually moving on things that you want to do, or have been meaning to do. It's the "power of the 'push' moment"! There's some nerdy science to back it all up too which I love. I think our Zin pairs well with these types of books, because red wine has just enough of a relaxing effect to get me to open my mind, but it has a little bit of spice to keep me interested.
-Jackie, Marketing Director at ONEHOPE

2. The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen + California Cabernet Sauvignon
You wouldn't think a 500+ page, sardonic drama about a midwestern family would be a page-turner, but that's what The Corrections is to me. It's such a funny and strikingly true-to-life character study, but never tries to make any sort of heavy handed argument about human nature. I would pair The Corrections with our California Cab because it's a little dark, a little dry, but holds a touch of levity.
-Carmella, Digital Commerce Director at ONEHOPE

3. How to Find the Work You Love by Laurence G. Boldt + California Merlot
This book is an inspiring reminder of the important place work holds in our lives and the important place our work holds in the world. The author writes about the four key elements of meaningful work: Integrity, Service, Excellence, and Enjoyment. A perfect read if you've already found the work you love to get a refreshing reminder that you're on the right path, and an encouraging read if you're taking a leap into a new career or project. I pair it with the California Merlot because it is silky and full of flavor, which lends itself to dreamy contemplation about the meaning of work and our service to the world.
-Melanie, Graphic Designer at ONEHOPE

4. The Kinfolk Table by Nathan Williams + San Luis Obispo Reserve Pinot Noir
This is a recipe book for small gatherings. The photography and design are both moody, airy and are absolutely breathtaking. I pick this book up for inspiration whenever I need it. Kinfolk is simplicity at its finest and serves as a reminder that the people around the table are the most important part of a gathering. Pinot Noir just feels like the perfect wine for gathering and entertaining. It's buttery and smooth, fruit forward yet complex. Everyone loves a good Pinot and it's one of my favorite wines to pair with food.
-Megan, Art Director at ONEHOPE

viaONEHOPE's Recommendations:

1. Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver + California Reserve GSM
Even though its a Young Adult novel, the topic of second chances and being able to change people's perceptions of you is powerful. It hits on how I want people to think of me before I die and what I would do if I could control that. I would pair it with our Reserve GSM because that wine is as unpredictable as the book. You don't expect the finish.
-Devra, Director & Founding Leader viaONEHOPE

2. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot + California Red Blend
Intriguing subject matter, rooted in scientific inquiry, this book is an excellent case study of how one woman's family's sacrifice revolutionized biomedical research. The story of Henrietta Lacks is textured & nuanced just like the California Red Blend. The wine is as approachable as the story and the science that is detailed in the book.
-Monica, Director and Founding Leader viaONEHOPE

We hope you love these as much as our first recommendations! Happy reading and relaxing :)


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