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Student Care Packages —That Your Student Will Love Receiving!


Sending your children off to college is a big milestone. You’re hopeful that they’ll be able to be independent and stand on their own two feet, yet, some part of you still hopes that they’ll need you. It’s so tough to be a parent, isn’t it? The fun thing about this transition is finding new ways to help your child without being intrusive. One of the best ways to do this is with care packages from home.

Now, before you pack up Mr. Cuddles (that childhood teddy bear who shows every bit of love he’s ever received) along with hand sanitizer and cookies, remember, the goal is to send gifts that your college student will rush to the mailbox to receive, and open without fear of embarrassment. Here’s a peek at things to pack in that box that will make your child feel your love, without feeling smothered.

For the Coffee Nut

Up early, late to bed, and always with their nose in a book or on their laptop. Sound familiar? These budding scholars love a cup of joe almost any time, and we’ve got the perfect kit for them. The “Hustle” mini-crate from ONEHOPE comes with a fun thermal travel mug that’s perfect for walking to class, as well as 4 ounces of our own KARMA blend coffee. Throw in a scented air diffuser and a poster of something from your student’s hometown and you’re good to ship!

For the Social Butterfly

Some young adults will struggle with the loneliness of adjusting to college. In a new town and without the company of the peers they’ve grown up with, these students can wind up missing the exciting college culture that centers on meeting new people and expanding one’s horizons. Help your socially minded child engage with the Cheese Party Gift Crate. It’s a ready-made party in a box complete with ONEHOPE Karma coffee, a cheeseboard, cheese, bruschetta, pistachios, almonds, crisps, caramel corn, and more. It’s too much for one person to enjoy alone, making it ideal to share with dorm mates.

For the Fitness Fiend

While most colleges provide some sort of fitness facility for your student, adjusting to a new place can be difficult. Sending your student memories from home to keep him (or her!) motivated! A freshwater bottle with an inspirational message, new earbud tips, fresh (thick) socks, and maybe a gift membership to a local gym is the perfect way to let your child know that you’re thinking of them and want to help them continue to strive towards their fitness goals. Remember, whole foods are more expensive than processed “junk” foods, so gift cards to local grocery stores are an incredible kindness, too. Our Pantry Essentials Gift Box comes with olive oil, Swiss cheese, and rosemary-thyme crisps. These savory foods are the perfect treat to have on hand for when the dining hall doesn’t have much to offer.

For the Birthday Girl

Finally, let’s talk about that big 21st birthday. Of course, you’ll send a card and gifts from home, but don’t forget that this is a milestone and your child is likely going to engage in a bit of alcohol consumption. May we suggest also sending our Birthday Babe Gift Box for this special occasion? It’s perfectly colorful and joyful without being indulgent. Complete with sparkling wine, a rainbow marshmallow treat, balloons, confetti, and garland, it’s that party you’d give her if she were home. This one is certain to bring a smile to your Birthday Babe’s face!

Mix things up! Once you’ve found a winning combination of things from home, feel free to try our other ONEHOPE non-alcoholic gift sets. You can find the total list here. These gifts are easy to send, fun to receive, and do a world of good for others who you’ll never even meet.

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