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viaONEHOPE and Autism Awareness Month


At ONEHOPE, autism is a cause that has touched many of our lives.  It also happens to be growing at an alarming rate (1 out of 42 boys and 1 out of 189 girls are diagnosed with autism) which is why our California Cabernet funds ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) therapy to children with autism.  Timely and intensive ABA therapy has an 80-90% chance in showing significant improvement in children with autism and as a result, many children who were once non-verbal are able to communicate with those around them and attend school in a mainstream classroom.  Within our viaONEHOPE community, many of our CEO's (Cause Entrepreneurs viaONEHOPE) have been personally effected by autism.  In a effort to bring awareness to this cause, we invited a few of them to share their stories and how viaONEHOPE is impacting their world.


"Life with two children on the spectrum can be a roller coaster of ups and downs, but it's made me a stronger and more compassionate person. It has brought my family closer together and taught me not to take certain things for granted. Joining viaONEHOPE started out as something fun to do while making an impact on our local nonprofits, but now, it's become family to me. I've met some incredible people on this journey and have really enjoyed the friendships I've made. It's allowed me to work around my family's schedule and to be there for my children's daily needs."


"Having a son with autism, I've learned that love, faith, patience, and a good sense of humor can see you through the most difficult of times; it opens your eyes to the joy brought by small victories. Being a family affected with autism, I know firsthand how it can make your heart bigger, more loving and compassionate."


"My son Johnny was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3. He has been such an inspiration to me, and his diagnosis has taught me that I have a deeper purpose in life. I've since been involved in philanthropy in many ways, giving back, and making an impact. When I found viaONEHOPE, I knew it was the perfect way to compliment what I was already doing. I'm excited to be a part of the company and the mission for many years to come!"


"Through my work, I have established great friendships with children on the spectrum and their parents. I see the challenges they face daily, and I know firsthand how ABA therapy helps make a significant improvement in daily tasks and decreases some of the challenges for these families."

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