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Why Red Wine Has the Same Effects as an Hour at the Gym


Would you rather head to the gym for an hour or relax with a nice glass of vino? If you're anything like me (and more than half the population of America), you probably picked the latter. Now there's good news. According to a medical study conducted by the University of Alberta in Canada, the health benefits of resveratrol — a natural compound found in red wine — are identical to the health benefits individuals gain from exercising, helping to enhance physical performance, heart function, and muscle strength in the same way as they're improved after a session at the gym.

red wine health benefits

These findings will particularly help those who are physically incapable of making it to the gym, with resveratrol both mimicking exercise for them and improving the benefits of the modest amount of exercise that they can do, reports lead researcher Jason Dyck, a Medicine & Dentistry professor in the university's departments of Pediatrics and Pharmacology.

We've all likely heart about all of the red wine health benefits that have been in the news a lot of late. Studies have revealed that individuals who drink a glass of red wine each day are less likely to develop dementia or cancer. Drinking one glass of red wine every day also is said to be good for your heart, anti-aging, regulating blood sugar, and even slowing the growth of fat cells. But now there's additional research that shows it can boost heart rate as well.

Just remember: You should drink in moderation; this research only applies to red wine; and the university's study was carried out on rats rather than humans. Still, if you want to boost your intake of resveratrol, a glass of vino isn't a bad way to go.

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