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10 Awesome, Wine-Themed Sweet Treats


It’s the holiday season. That means your oven is about to get a workout! People seem to bake more often in the winter months, and the classics are always on hand. Chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes, whoopie pies, and fudge are the order of the day. But this year, let’s mix things up and shake out a new classic. Here are ten recipes that all include wine. And, hey, you probably won’t need the whole bottle of wine for the recipe. Waste not. Want not.wine hot chocolate

Photo credit: https://www.thekitchn.com/17-boozy-hot-chocolate-recipes-you-need-to-make-right-now-238230

  1. Red Wine Hot Chocolate

    Really rich and surprisingly smooth, folding a rich red wine into your homemade hot chocolate is totally trendy right now. Kick it up even more with a sprinkle of cayenne pepper, if you’re really daring! Top it off with a thick cream and prepare for a new favorite drink!

  2. White Wine Cake

    Add a new flavor profile to a typical white cake with this simple recipe. It bakes up like a dream and lends the fruit flavors from the wine to the cake. Top it with a thick, creamy icing and perhaps fresh fruit for a light, beautiful, and tasty treat!

  3. Red Wine Lollipops

    Think about a smooth Pinot Noir for this treat! All you need is a lollipop mold and baking sticks. Bonus points if you can find baking sticks with candy cane style stripes. The wine gives the candy a color that is deep and perfect for Christmas clear through Valentine’s Day. A sprinkle of gold luster goes a long way, too. Once baked these treats can be wrapped and left on your counter for a surprising spin on a childhood favorite.

  4. Sparkling Jelly

    Think mimosa meets jello shot, but much prettier. Create this jelly with sparkling wine, and then serve them stacked on a food Or, bake a tiny pastry cup and then place the jelly inside for a finger treat.

  5. Riesling Apple Cake

    Leave it to the Germans to combine apples and Riesling into one scrumptious tin! This apple crisp style cake uses fresh apples to create a crisp alternative to apple pie.

  6. Red Wine Brownies

    We couldn’t get to the oven quickly enough to try this recipe out! Start by soaking cranberries in red wine, and then later use a bit more wine in the brownie batter itself. The result is a rich, smooth brownie with a tangy punch unlike anything we’ve tried before. For best results, choose a slightly sweet red.

  7. Sparkling Sorbet

    If you don’t want to lose the carbonation that makes those tiny bubbles, you’ll need to use sparkling wine for instant desserts, vs. baked ones. We’re a fan of this recipe, which simply pours sparkling wine over a sorbet and then tops it with some spices. It’s the perfect party punch for grown-ups!

  8. Red Wine Marshmallows

    Brace yourselves, delicious is coming. If you’ve never attempted homemade marshmallows, you’re seriously missing out. They’re sweet, fluffy, and pretty simple to make. In this recipe, you’ll dip those marshmallows into dark chocolate wine ganache and then sprinkle the whole thing with coarse sea salt. The end result is a high contrast, gourmet treat the will turn heads and disappear super-fast.

  9. Champagne-Kabob

    Another no-bake treat, this fruity skewer uses sparkling wine to really highlight the flavors of sparkling wines. Strawberries, peaches, and apples work well for this, though almost any fruit will get the job done. Simply soak the fruit in sparkling wine, and then use a skewer to create a fruit-kabob!

  10. Rose Cupcakes

    Finally, we didn’t want to forget about our Rose fans! This sweet little cupcake recipe comes right from Betty Crocker, and pairs your favorite Rose with a raspberry filling to create a cupcake unlike the others at the bake shop. The recipe is simple, but the taste is superb!

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