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How to Turn Your Holiday Party into a Fundraiser

The holidays are just around the corner and with them comes shopping, decorating, and parties! This season, we are focused on giving back. If you are hosting your own holiday party, why not turn it into a fundraiser that gives back? Through ONEHOPE’s tastings, you can do just that. We combine private wine tasting and fundraising into your preferred setting. Here’s how:

1. Mark Your Calendar

Set a date, time, and location. There’s no “perfect” date that will work for everyone on your list, so choose something that works for you and your family.

2. Choose Your Cause

As the host, you can choose a cause of your choice for your tasting event as long as it’s a 501(c)3 non-profit. 10% of sales from qualified items will be donated to your non-profit cause of choice.

3. Pick Your Wines

Enjoy up to 58% off a half or full case of mixed varietals. These wines will be used at your tasting event and any leftover bottles are yours to keep.

4. Share & Invite

Brainstorm with your CEO about who to invite to your tasting event. Think of people within all of your social circles. Inviting 40 or more people will help ensure 10-12 attendees at your event.

5. Collect Case Orders

If someone on your guest list can’t attend the event, let them know that they can still contribute to the fundraiser and partake in the fun! Collect orders before and after your event by sharing the catalog and your personal event link. This is also a great way for out-of-state family and friends to enjoy ONEHOPE!

Contact your local Cause Entrepreneur and turn your holiday party into a fundraiser!

Cheers & Happy Holidays!

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